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Where is Tumalo?

Nestled next to the Deschutes River, Tumalo is a small farming community between Bend and Sisters. Once known as Laidlaw in the early 1900s, settlers moved to the area when developers promised to build the Tumalo Reservoir to provide the water the area would need to rival Bend. However, the Reservoir was unsuccessful and major industry decided to settle in nearby Bend with its railroad.

Today, Tumalo remains true to its roots retaining the rural lifestyle of ranches, hay fields, and small farms. Renamed Tumalo (a Native American word for icy water) in 1915, the small town retains its natural beauty and clean environment on the edge of the Central Oregon high desert. With a perfect view of the Cascades, plenty of water from winter snows, and warm sun-filled summers, Tumalo remains one of Oregon's small treasures.

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We are closed on Sundays

Welcome to hops in Central Oregon!

Our goal at Tumalo Hops is to supply the Oregon brewer's market with a Central Oregon option. We are a natural hops farm growing six varieties of hops - Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Zeus, Golding and Nugget hops. Local brewers are welcome to visit our farm and see first hand how we grow and care for the hops. Get to know us and you will see that we want to keep things simple and local to support our local community and keep the small farm ideal of Tumalo.

The 2019 growing session is in full swing!

We can meet your needs! Order your pellet or leaf hops from the 2018 Harvest now!

Are you a local home brewer? A local microbrewer? We can help supply you with Central Oregon locally grown hops.

We sell:
  • Cascade and Centennial pellets from 2018 harvest
  • Whole leaf hops in a variety of sizes - SOLD OUT!

Contact us for pick-up and packaging needs.

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How to purchase our hops

Interested in brewing? Want a few pounds or more? Let us supply you with the hops that you need. Contact us at tumalohopsco@gmail.com for more information.

Five varieties of hops

At Tumalo Hops, we grow five varieties of hops:

  • Cascade Hops: Developed in Oregon and named after the Cascade mountain range, we have been growing Cascade hops for ten years. As our most mature crop, this is also our most plentiful so far. This is a aroma hop which contains low amounts of alpha acids. The aroma is medium and has a unique floral/spicy character. It is the most popular variety.
  • Centennial Hops: Another Oregon native, the Centennial hops on site are seven years old and growing well. This is also a aroma variety of hop. It is considered a very balanced hop and is sometimes referred to as a super Cascade. Well suited for "Ale" style beers.
  • Chinook Hops: Good yield high alpha hop. Released thru USDA breeding program in 1985 by crossing Petham Golding and a US male.
  • Nugget Hops: Floral, resiny aroma and flavor. Primarily a bittering hop.
  • Kent Golding Hops: The American version of the Golding, this hop has a low alpha count and is often used to make ales and stout ales.
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